Innovative biotech company for the industrial culture of red blood cells from stem cells

ERYPHARM has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the mass production of cultured red blood cells to create a new drug for blood transfusion.

In addition to donating blood, this medical product is aimed in particular at improving the quality of life of multi transfused patients who suffer from hereditary diseases of the red blood cell or from cancer.

A supplement to blood donation

  • Against the risks of shortages (epidemics, aging of the population)
  • More efficient, for improved treatment

Revolutionary process

Erypharm lays the foundations for the development of a new industrial sector for the mass production of red blood cells by cell culture.

An innovative biological drug

Cultured red blood cells meet the criteria for an ideal transfusion.

Experienced management

Combining the expertise of pioneering researchers in the field and the experience of developing an industrial process.