Cultured Red Blood Cells


Erypharm has technology and know-how of intensive low-cost and scalable cell culture, unique in the field.

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Step 1

Stem cells are collected from voluntary donors.

Step 2

These stem cells are then frozen in nitrogen vapor and stored in a cell bank before going “into production”.

Step 3

The production phase is splitted into 4 parts:
  • thawing of cells
  • cell culture for 21 days
  • purification of red blood cells
  • packaging of concentrated red blood cells into bags for transfusion

Step 4

Quality control is carried out according to the recommendations of each country’s health authorities.

Step 5

The bags of cultured red blood cells are then stored.

Step 6

And available at all time… for all transfusion requests

The red blood cell production process industrialization will constitute a new industrial sector that creates skilled jobs.